• What is a Family Office Management Company?Open or Close
    For Gleneagles Group, this term refers to an organization whose primary focus is on the total management of an ultra high net worth family. We believe that our services are most closely related to the services you would expect from a traditional single family office.
  • What is your typical client profile?Open or Close
    While every client we work with is unique in terms of their background, family structure, interests and goals, many of our clients share the following characteristics:
    • Ultra High Net Worth
    • Multi-Generational
    • Interest in a collaborative approach to decision making
    • Desire for well organized, consolidated financial information
    • Commitment to thoughtful and creative estate planning
    • Commitment to open and regular communication around goals
    • Interest in formal governance structure
    • Interest in education/mentorship of next generation
    • Interest in alternative investment strategies
    • Interest in philanthropy
  • How many family relationships does your business serve?Open or Close
    Each Senior Relationship Manager works with four to seven client families.
  • How frequently do you talk with or visit your clients?Open or Close
    Generally, we have weekly contact and monthly review meetings with each of our client families.
  • What does your team structure look like for a typical client-family?Open or Close
    A typical client family has a dedicated support team of up to seven Gleneagles staff members directed by a Senior Relationship Manager. This team is comprised of: (1) a Senior Financial Reporting Manager (the “Family Controller”), (2) an Administrative Manager who coordinates many aspects of the work flow with the family (3) a Senior Tax Professional that supports the core team with planning and compliance services (4) an Investment Analyst (5) an Alternative Asset Specialist and, (6) a Lifestyle Management Relationship Manager.
  • How do you charge for your services?Open or Close
    Our fees are computed on an annual retainer basis and billed monthly. There is base level of pricing for all families and adjustments are made for special services provided to the individual client family and other factors that might differentiate one family from another.
  • Will you work with my existing advisors?Open or Close
    Yes, we routinely work with legacy CPA, investment advisor, and law firm relationships, but we utilize a ‘best practice’ approach to ensure that your advisors are not only meeting your needs, but exceeding your expectations.
  • Will you work with my existing family office staff?Open or Close
    Yes, we think this significantly increases internal controls and operating efficiency. Many of our clients believe that the addition of our team allows the existing staff to work on more value added services.
  • How do your investment oversight services work?Open or Close
    On the investment side, we serve in the following three roles with a typical family:

    • As a member of the family’s investment committee,
    • As an operational link with their outsourced investment advisor, and
    • As an independent reviewer of the investment advisor’s performance based on our familiarity with the business and other family advisors.
  • What is the nature of your tax services?Open or Close
    Although we routinely work with legacy tax relationships, we do provide tax compliance services where it is efficient and value added. We think we are efficient because of our information reporting platform and familiarity with family transactions.
  • What is the nature of your next generation education services?Open or Close
    We provide services in the following ways:
    • We hold annual conferences and programs for adults and children that are general in nature and increase the participant’s exposure to family office matters.
    • We create customized education programs for individual families.
    • We are active in and generally become mentors to the next generation.
  • Do you work with families that have concentrated asset positions?Open or Close
    Yes, many of our clients either own or have owned concentrated assets. We have significant experience in dealing with both the investment and generational planning opportunities with such positions.
  • What is the firm’s organizational ownership and structure?Open or Close
    Our company is owned by clients, employees and members of their families.